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  • Easy Design Process – Our proven consultation process makes it easy for our customers to get their ideas, and suggestions converted into a working drawing.
  • Detailed Itemized Estimates – You’ll know every item used to build your garage and how much it cost.
  • Free Plans & Permit Service – We handle the headaches of dealing with government bureaucracies – Design you garage according to your specifications, and get your building permits at no additional cost.
  • Free Standard Upgrades. – Other garage contractors charge thousands of dollars for many of the option that are standard on all our buildings.
  • Pre-engineered Attic Storage – All our garages are thoughtfully pre-engineered with additional storage space built right into the roof systems.
  • Surprisingly Affordable – we are the garage builders that invite comparison! Our garages, & storage sheds beat the competition in price and quality.

Get The Absolute Best Value in Garage Construction Guaranteed!

Our efficient system may make it possible for you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your new garage with features usually only found on custom garages costing much more.
One look at any of our projects and it will quickly become apparent – we’re the garage contractor who offers the absolute best value for your investment.

    • Quality, & Refinement – We already worked out all the minor details through experience in design & construction of many buildings and provide for you the benefits of our expertise.
    • High Return On Investment (ROI) – accessory structures are widely known to return 80% of your investment. There is still something left to be said for curb appeal and its influence on the beholder.
    • Low Maintenance Construction – Weatherproof trim means you can enjoy your free time instead of spending it with a paint brush in your hand.
    • American Craftsman – We’ve honed our construction skills on hundreds of garages. Our skilled tradesman have many years of experience honing their craft.. There are many contractors exploiting cheap foreign labor for higher profits – We strongly believe that this practice devalues the product and produce inferior structure.

About Us

We have extensive experience as garage builders – This is not just a sideline, or minor diversion. Quality, and refinement are the hallmark of all our structures. Garage Express is a design-build garage contractor and able to handle all of our consultations, design needs, and estimates under one roof. Not having to pay sub-contractors for these services allows us to offer them to our customers free of charge. Many other garage contractors make empty promises and have allowed quality to be sacrificed to increase their profit margins, but quality is our first priority at Garage Express. We challenge anyone to find a better garage at a comparable price – Garage Express uses only the finest materials, & highly skilled craftsmen to construct our buildings. Our rigorous quality control system ensures the high standards are met with all of our garages.

It Couldn’t Be Easier to Get Started

We’ll help you choose a garage. - We will design your blueprints, and take care of all the necessary permits and paper work at no additional costs. You can be using your new garage in just a few weeks. If you need some help decided which garage plan might work best for you, Garage Express’s experienced professionals garage contractors are available for a free no obligation consultation. CONTACT US

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