How to Build a Deck

how to build a deckA backyard deck is a great way to create outdoor living space. Building your own deck can be a rewarding experience but if you have never done it before it can be a little scary. Having a Experienced professional give you step by step instructions can save you a lot of time and misplaced effort. This How to build a deck tuitorial features proffesional builder Craig Hefferman from pennsylvania PA. I personally like this video because Craig uses a simple streight forward approach and give lots of little tips that makes it easy to get your deck foundation and frame set up.

How to build a small deckYou will learn the exact method he use to setup the foundation layout, you should particular attention on how he locates each post hole before excavation begins and then how he locates the exact points on each post to make the deck level, this can be a major stumbling point for inexperienced deck builders. How to build a deck also explains framing, decking, handrails, and even a brief tuitorial on making deck steps. The deck steps tuitorial was a bit vague and could be a stumbling point for anyone who have never done them before. Using a framing square to layout steps may require more detailed explaination and a little practice for even experienced carpenters.

Free standing deckRealistically this project may require more than one weekend to complete there are quite a few extra details that really adds to the finished look, but a completed project will yield something you can be proud of and will give you, your family, and friends many years of outdoor enjoyment.