Wood Storage Buildings

Who Couldn’t Use More Storage Space? A Wood Storage Building is The Answer.

Don’t spend any more time carrying your seasonal belongings up that narrow attic stairway or down into that damp basement. If you’ve been writing a monthly check for a rental storage unit, you can stop that, too. We offer the best wood storage buildings in southeastern North Carolina at prices our competitors only wish they could match. They’re pretty envious of our quality, too!

Why Pay More for Less? Here’s What We Offer:

  • Low Maintenance – weather resistant siding and trim keeps your valuables dry and requires a minimum of upkeep
  • Lowest Prices – we challenge you to find a higher quality storage building at a better price
  • Heavy Duty Floor System – pressure treated wood is moisture resistant and provides adequate support for all your belongings
  • Smart Siding – impact and moisture resistant siding has one of the best warranties in the business
  • More Storage Space – taller walls and vaulted ceilings can provide up to 30 percent more storage space than many of our competitors
  • Built to Your Specs – all of our storage buildings are custom built to meet your specific needs. You can choose window and door locations, siding style, and even the interior layout. When the building is complete, it should be “Just the Way You Want It.”

Please Take a Moment to Watch Our Video – See Why We Build the Best Wood Storage Buildings Anywhere!

Everyone has items they use on a regular basis, but no good place to store them until the next time they’re needed. Most of the time these items end up cluttering your garage, attic, or basement where they have to be climbed over and may even create a safety hazard.

A new wood storage building provides a place for your bicycles, lawn equipment, gardening tools, or any other gear you want to clear out of your home and store in an organized fashion.

We are Garage Express NC, a leading North Carolina based company. If you’re in the market for a wood storage building or a wooden shed, then you’ve come to the right place. We are a multipurpose wood storage building company dedicated to designing and building high quality storage buildings and sheds for discerning customers in North Carolina and the surrounding area.

Garage Express NC believes in traditional values and is committed to eco-friendly building practices. We use sustainable building materials when possible and strive to protect our environment.

Why Choose Garage Express NC for your Wooden Storage Shed?

There are numerous reasons for selecting us as your wooden storage building contractors, but here are a few that set us apart from the others:

Low Price & High Quality

We learned long ago that a building having a high price did not necessarily equate to being high quality. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing high quality storage buildings that remain affordable and we’ve been successful in our mission. We challenge you to find a better wood storage building in North Carolina at a comparable price.

Customized Wood Storage Buildings

Garage Express NC believes the customer comes first and we pride ourselves on being able to customize our storage buildings to meet your needs. A further benefit to choosing a building from us is that wood is a very flexible building material and your storage building can easily be modified in the future as your requirements change. Try that with a metal building!

Health Friendly Wood Storage Buildings

Wood has been a favorite building material for hundreds of years. It’s a natural sustainable product that’s free of any chemicals that could be harmful to you or your family. Our wooden sheds are free of any polymers or plastics with acidic paints that many of our competitors try to pass off as natural wood.

Stylish and Decorative

At Garage Express NC we understand that no one wants an ugly storage building sitting adjacent to their beautiful home. Our wood buildings are designed to be stylish and decorative so they accent rather than detract from your property. Our customization program allows you to blend the style of your building with that of your home – they may even look like they were built at the same time by the same builder!

Resistant to Natural Disasters

We construct our buildings to meet local and national building codes and hold up under local climate conditions. They’re designed to withstand winds of more than 100 mph and should be able to handle just about any storm, rain, or extreme temperature fluctuation. Garage Express NC takes local weather into account with every wood building we put together.

As the points above illustrate, we’re serious in our commitment to providing customers with high quality wood storage buildings at affordable prices.

Call Today for a Free Estimate: (910) 297-1212 or simply fill out our contact form by clicking the Contact Us button on the right or by visiting our Contact Page. We look forward to showing you the advantages of owning the ultimate storage building.