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The Best Wood Storage Sheds

Do you have a lot of stuff & nowhere to put it? Get a permanent, cost effective solution to your growing storage problem…

Custom storage sheds built better from the inside out

  • 30% more storage space than other wood storage sheds
  • Every building is customized to your individual needs
  • Clean dry storage that’s guarateed to last
  • The highest quality sheds available for the absolute lowest price
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Recent Project Gallery: Custom Wood Storage Sheds

When you need extra room for storage, why waste good money on renting a storage area when you can place one of our great models of wood storage sheds in your yard? Easy to maintain, ultra rigid construction, and adding plenty of much needed storage space as a matter of fact 30% more storage space than other wood storage sheds, our wood storage sheds are the answer when you have filled the attic, or garage with stuff and still need more room.

10 x 12 Wood Storage Shed


12 x 12 Wood Storage Sheds

wood storage shed frame

Starting at $2595.00

12 x 16 Wood Storage Sheds

Weather proof exterior

Starting at $2995.00

12 x 20 Wood Storage Shed

12 x 20 Wood Storage Shed

Starting at: $3695.00

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We Don’t Just Claim to Build The Best Wood Storage Sheds at the Lowest cost – We Invite comparison with Anyone

  • Low Maintenance: The technologically advanced weather resistant Smart siding and pressure treated wood trim used in the construction of wood storage sheds keeps the interior cleaner and free from moisture accumulation that might otherwise damage the items that are stored.
  • Very Affordable: This is practically a no brainer – because we are the manufacturers there is no middle man, so we are able to offer you the highest quality sheds available for the absolute lowest price.
  • Lifetime Floor System: Our ultra rigid pressure treated frame absolutely crush the competition just one look and it becomes crystal clear – there is no competition! Higher ground clearance, thicker frame, Advanced Tech tongue & groove decking provides a  floor system that guaranteed to last a lifetime.
  • Built to your Specification:  We understand that everyone has different needs so we build each wood storage shed to order so each can be customized to the individual’s needs. You get to decide on all the little detail that makes it your own.

Manufactured to Be Better Inside & Out

wood storage shed frame
It is no secret our wood Storage buildings are constructed with More lumber than any of our competitors. Our ultra rigid sub-floor constructed with 16″ on center treated 2″ x 6″ lumber, double outside rim joyce, & tounge and groove floor decking by “AdvanTech”- Our sub-floors are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our walls, and roof system are constructed on the same standards a any full sized homes and will with stand the heaviest wind conditions.

Weather Resistant Exterior Siding & Trim

wood storage shed frame
Smart Siding are technologically advanced siding panels made by Louisiana Pacific it is the best wood siding available today it will not warp, rot, or De-laminate. The manufacturer offers a 7 year unconditional replacement warranty and 20 year limited warranty. Coupled with pressure treated corner boards and fascia they provides a winning combination of protection unmatched anywhere.

You Get – up to 30% More Storage Space

wood storage shed Loft
When we say you get more building we mean it literally. Our standard wood storage sheds walls are 16″ taller on average, and the taller buildings profile (roof pitch) allows for the addition of storage lofts above the walls. You can expect on average to get 30% more storage space from our wood storage sheds.


The Incredible Versatility of Wood Storage Buildings

Store Just About Anything – Having one of our fine wood storage sheds in your backyard gives you the versatility to store just about anything from personal items such as household items, lawn mowers, rakes, and other gardening equipment. Because our buildings are created on such a high standard they can be used to creating your own space for hobbies, workshop, and just about anything imaginable. our wood storage buildings can be constructed in just about any size, from our smallest garden models to those that feature an extra floor for even more additional storage space, wood storage sheds are the answer to moving items out of your home and garage so you can use that space for its intended purposes.

Safe & Convenient – There are many advantages to getting wood storage sheds over simply trying to stuff the attic even more, or renting a storage area. Convenience being the most obvious advantage as to why more people are choosing to purchase a wood storage sheds. The doors to the wood storage shed are large and easy to access, making the deliver or removal of items easy and safe. Consider that over climbing into the attic or driving for miles to the nearest rented storage area and you’ll quickly see why our wood storage sheds are the answer.

Customized for your personal needs – We customize each high quality wood storage sheds to meet your specifications, allowing you to choose exactly what standard or optional customizations you require. All our storage sheds are built to exceed your expectations. Give us a call and talk to one of our courteous, professional staff who will explain how wood storage sheds are the answer for storing your growing number of item, how wood storage sheds are safer than keeping items in the attic, more convenient and cost efficient than renting a storage space, and how easy wood storage sheds are to maintain even during the hottest summers or harshest winters.

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